Great Children’s Books

Hello, my name is Elisa and I am the mom to three children.  From the time I had my first child education was a huge concern for me.  I was a teacher, so everything decision I made was done with education on the brain.  I really wanted to be one of those parents was constantly teaching their children without forcing it.  I wanted them to want to learn and enjoy it, not dread it. As my first started to interact, everything I bought him was related to colors, animals, letters, and numbers.  We worked on identifying those things in fun ways. We then moved to not only identifying letters in both cases but learning sounds too. We worked on this everyday and eventually blending sounds too.  It was nerve racking teaching him because he did not pick anything up quickly. As we worked on this day after day, my son just looked at letters, sight words, and basic three letter words and wouldn’t tell me what letter sounds or words they were. It took him a few tries before he learned it all.  Although that might have been because I did preschool at home with him and wasn’t really sure how to teach a child below school age so I did more academic work.

Along with all the other activities I did, I also read to him and his siblings constantly.   I let them choose their favorite books and we would read them as many times as they would like.  Even if that meant reading Go Dog Go by P. D. Eastman everyday, several times a day for a few years.  Thank goodness that book has mysteriously disappeared. Anyways, the encouragement I gave them and all the reading we did when they were younger has led to them loving reading.  I will admit there are some days where they just don’t feel like reading much. This is why about half the books I buy are for a specific reason. I make sure about half their library is filled with both funny books and nonfiction books that are on a topic they are interested in.  Two to three times a month I will share one of those books here and I will tell some things my kids or I like about it. Don’t forget to come back and check this out!

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