Check Out This Book My Son Loves

The first book I am going to talk about is called All My Friends Are Planets, The Story Of Pluto by Alisha

Vimawala.  This is a very cute book that discusses both planets and dwarf planets.  Pluto talks about it’s

friends the planets and describes a detail or two about each one.  It is just enough information to introduce

planets to a child. They can learn facts about planets and the dwarf planets as well as how they are

different.  This story also has a great secondary lesson. Pluto is similar to its planet friends yet different.

It also has similarities and differences between Pluto and dwarf planets.  Kids can learn that it’s okay to

have some differences and it is also okay to partially fit in different places. This book just provided such

a neat way to teach kids a lesson about fitting in and that’s it is okay to be different to while teaching them

facts.  My son loves reading this book over and over again. He loves learning about the solar system and

it is also a great lesson for him. My son frequently talks too much and loves order too much. He

completely related to Pluto and we used this book to discuss how people can be different but still be

friends.  You should definitely check this book out.

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