Amount of Yards to Make a Scarf or a Blanket

I love a good yarn deal. Every time yarn that I like or think could be useful later on is clearance, I purchase it. I also love to purchase mystery boxes. Needless to say, I have a lot of different yarns in my collection. I can’t pull out enough to make a blanket without figuring out what goes with what and if I have enough skeins of yarn in that type.

One day as I decided I wanted to start vintage style blanket by Dada’s Place using a thicker yarn than the pattern called for. I had to use a soft yarn nicely colored yarn to show off the beautiful texture while also feeling soft and squishy. After watching The Secret Yarnery on YouTube, I decided it was time I try softly baby yarn from Ice. Since I was ordering yarn from another country I wanted to make sure I had enough yarn, so I made one of the blocks and used that to calculate how many yards I would need. I found that number to be very surprising. A whopping 6,300 yards.

Photo by Dada’s place
Vintage Blanket Pattern

These are the reasons why I have decided to make a series of videos on YouTube. I will show you the block and tell you how many yards was used to make the block. I will also do the math so you have an idea how many yards are needed to make a baby and adult blanket using these stitches. I will add them to this chart as I go, so you will have a reference .

All of these swatches were done using a J/6.0 mm hook using big twist yarn. I cut both tails to 6 inches to make sure each block is consistent. Now I do have a fairly tight gauge when I crochet so you may use less yardage. However, this chart will still be a nice reference to use as a guide when planning out a blanket or making sure you purchase enough yarn.

This is just a guide to help you determine how many yards you need. It will vary according to your gauge, but this is a great starting point. If you have any questions or are curious about a specific stitch, feel free to email me.

StitchInches per stitch8″ x 60″ (yds)36″ x 36 (yds)60″ x 60″ (yds)
Single Crochet2.14″5231,4123,920
Half Double Crochet3.17″4321,1493,190
Double Crochet4.30″4021,0853,013
Granny Square13.5″ (3dc)1,2273,308
Solid Granny Square4.13″1,1423,118
Lemon Peel3.36″4731,2543,471
C2C16″ (1 block)5981,4464,016

When you are done, feel free to share your finished work on Instagram using #llamaunraveled. You are welcome to sell completed projects, but please link back to my site. Please do not copy my pattern, do not redistribute my pattern, do not claim it as your own, and do not publish it anywhere.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.


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