Mini Bean Twisted Headband

We take a quick break from our stocking patterns posts because I made family these warm warm and cozy ear warmers in one of my favorite stitches.

It is a beautiful pattern that took me about an hour to make. I was so excited by not only the way it came out but also how quick it was. It just screams Christmas gifts to me. Who wouldn’t love a handmade headband in a popular style. Its definitely a go to pattern for those you don’t know what to buy for them.


         Toddler – 3.5” width

         Kids – 3.75” width

         Adult – 4” width


         Caron Simply Soft

         Size I hook (5.5 mm)




         10 mini bean sts X 13 rows = 4”

Stitches Used

         Mini Bean – pull up a loop, yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull through, ch 1

         St(s) – stitch(es)

         Ch – chain

Sl st – slip stitch


  • Either measure your head and make it 2 inches less.  If it is for someone else, refer to the craft council hat size measurement chart.  Make it 2 inches less than that size head circumference.

  • At the end of each row, you will have chained twice between finishing the last stitch and the chain to start the next row.

Let’s Get Started!   

         Ch 18 (20, 22)

  1. Mini bean in the 3rd chain from the hook, (sk next st, mini bean in the next stitch) repeat across, ch 1 (8, 9, 10 mini beans)
  2. Mini bean on the side of the mini bean below, ch 1 (8, 9, 10 mini beans)
  3. Repeat row 2 until it is two inches less than the head circumference

Fasten off leaving a tail long enough to sew the ends together.

Fold the two ends in half and put them together, so they are around each other. Sew the ends together while they are folded into each other. Weave the ends in. Turn it right side out and you should have a twist.

This is how you fold the ends.
Interlock the two folds.
This is how the two folds should look when they are together. See them in.

When you are done, feel free to share your finished work on Instagram using #llamaunraveled. You are welcome to sell completed projects, but please link back to my site. Please do not copy my pattern, do not redistribute my pattern, do not claim it as your own, and do not publish it anywhere.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

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