Paw Patrol Inspired Play Mat – Week 1

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Welcome to the first week of the Paw Patrol themed play mat. I am very excited for this project and to share it with everyone. If you have or know kids who are as obsessed with Paw Patrol as mine are, they will love it too. Every time I put the blocks down, my kiddos start driving their vehicles around the blocks and playing with their pups on it.

I will post pieces of this project every Monday for the next twelve weeks. The graph will be posted at the bottom of this page. Each block will be 30 STS and 40 rows. Some of the graphs will posted horizontally so you can make it the image but you will need to work them landscape view. If you would like the block count as well as color suggestions, you can buy a pdf copy of the first block on Ravelry.

This week we are going to start with a block inspired by the look out. You will need red, yellow, medium blue, dark blue, darker grey, a light grey or an off white, and green. I have yarn stashed in every crevice of my house, so most of the yarn I have used has been a mix of brands. I just tried to pull out the first standard red, yellow, etc. that I could without causing a yarn avalanche. If you don’t have a big stash, you can go out and buy the needed colors. You will need a little bit of each color except green. It is the background color for many of the squares, so I would make sure you have two skeins of green or know what brand and color name the green is you have. Any worst weighted yarn will work. I just don’t recommend worst weighted brands that are thinner or bigger than the average. For example, I don’t recommend using Caron Simply Soft or Red Heart Soft because those yarns are a bit thinner. I don’t recommend using Caron One Pound either because that one is thicker. You will need a variety of colors for this project so it is completely okay to mix brands. You are not limited to these but here are some brands I recommend that are a similar thickness:

Red Heart Super Saver

Bernal Super Value

Big Twist Value

Loops and Threads Impeccable

I love this yarn

Paint Box

Nicole’s Basic and Classic (You are welcome to use these but sometimes I do find their thin or thickness to be inconsistent between skeins.)

Here is the graph. Enjoy!

When you are done, feel free to share your finished work on instagram using #llamaunraveled or #ppipmcal. You are welcome to sell completed projects, but please link back to my site. Please do not copy my pattern, do not redistribute my pattern, do not claim it as your own, and do not publish it anywhere.

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