Race Track Blanket for Kids

Hello all! This month my first publication came out in the July issue of Happily Hooked Magazine. It is a blanket that doubles as a raceway for kids to drive their cars on. The inspiration came to me this past Christmas when my son was upset because he didn’t get the ultimate speedway track. He kept seeing advertisements for it all over the television. We had already bought him his gifts and he has many other race tracks. After he received his gifts from Santa, he was rather bummed he didn’t get it. Usually when he wants a new track, I will draw him a race track on computer paper or sometimes on a piece of poster board. This time I thought why not make him one instead that he would want with him all the time. I then drew out the pattern and ran to the store for yarn. He was so excited to have this instead he was driving on it while I was making it. Check out the link below if you would like this pattern and other for kids in the July issue of Happily Hooked Magazine.

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